Book Editing Process

A lot of authors ask me what the book editing process entails. Below are the highlights.Book editing process

Just so you know, I’m a hand-holder and become completely immersed in each book editing project. I don’t just edit—I collaborate as a professional who cares deeply about my clients. My goal is to ensure you are happy with your manuscript and that it resonates with your audience.

Steps in the Book Editing Process

  • I’ll need to review your manuscript before I can send you a quote. Authors normally e-mail me a Word Doc.
  • After a review, I’ll know if your book requires substantive editing, developmental editing, or proofreading. This allows me to send you a fair and reasonable quote and a contract with timelines and deliverables
  • I work with Word’s color-coded tracker so that authors see everything I touch in the manuscript.
  • Once I get through the first few chapters, I send updates for your approval (sometimes weekly). This back-and-forth ensures the contents are approved as we move along.
  • I usually make three rounds of editing. Communication is key as we work out final edits.
  • I can help you write your front matter, back cover, author’s bio, and chapter titles.
  • I may suggest that we tighten up your prose, rewrite your copy when needed, and edit for length and completeness.
  • If you are at, say, 55,000 words when the general minimum industry standard keyword count for your genre is higher, I can help you write additional content.
  • Your style and voice are respected. My editing elevates your writing while also removing errors that distract readers.
  • Once your book is edited, it’s ready for publication.
  • Check out my Book Publishing page if you need help with self-publishing.

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