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Christian book edits are a huge part of my service offerings. I work with faith-based authors who have written nonfiction books, fiction books, memoirs, autobiographies, legacy books, medical miracle books, veterinarian books, pastoral accounts, missionary accounts, self-help books, and other faith-based works.

I would love to collaborate on your manuscript as well! To demonstrate my expertise and experience, I’m pointing you to this blog post and also introducing you to Moo Vet: One Veterinarian’s Role in Food Supply and Sustaining Humanity.

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About the Book

I think you’ll adore this book! It’s a fascinating tale about a veterinarian’s adventures spanning North Carolina and segueing into other continents, solving medical mysteries in the realm of animal husbandry, health, and welfare:

From Amazon:

How many veterinarians do you know who specialize in food supply veterinary medicine? And what does that even mean?

Helping to feed the world, one healthy cow at a time!

Meet Dr. Sam Galphin, a renowned specialist with a rare vocation. Dr. Galphin’s desire to “help feed the world” has taken him around the globe as an advocate and practitioner of herd welfare and safety. From milk production to meat consumption, the “Moo Vet” has seen it all!

Along the way, the good doctor has stumbled into groundbreaking and controversial adventures on farms and in dairies, told firsthand as only an expert vet and wordsmith can do. Dr. Galphin’s decades of anecdotes read like a “Sherlock Holmes” novel, with mysterious ailments and a trail of clues leading to daring diagnoses in the U.S. and abroad.

Read along as Dr. Galphin details his mission work and the many lives he’s touched in a career like no other. These beautiful and meaningful experiences usher veterinary students and the public into good old-fashioned laugh-out-loud moments AND the complexities of food supply veterinary medicine.

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