Christian Book Projects — More Than Sparrows by D. A. Greiner

One of my favorite Christian book projects was More than Sparrows by author D. A. Greiner.

It was such a meaningful collaboration. As a faith-based editor, I cherish the author’s feedback about the book editing process:

“After drafting my Christian fiction manuscript, I thought, Now what? As a newbie author, I didn’t know where to turn for sound advice. Who could help me ensure my story was ready for the next step? I honestly believe God led me to Melanie. She was professional, encouraging, and helpful from the outset, gently suggesting changes to strengthen the story and asking pertinent questions to ensure consistency. Her comfortable style made the hard work of editing feel more like a collaborative endeavor rather than a cold adherence to some mysterious rubric. I highly recommend her services to any writer and will call on her again for future works.” ~ D. A. Greiner, author of More Than Sparrows

You can find More than Sparrows on Amazon. I would be thrilled to work on your faith-based book as well. Learn more here.


Christian Book Projects


Book Description For A Wonderful Christian Novel

I recommend this book not just because I provided editing services, but because it touched my heart. Christian novels have a niche but meaningful place in the overall book market, and it’s truly a blessing to readers that this one exists!

An unusual Sunday morning visitor. A heartbroken preacher’s wife. A resourceful gangbanger with a murderous past. A crooked U.S. Senate candidate. What thread ties these unlikely characters together? Follow the breadcrumbs as More Than Sparrows takes readers on a harrowing and heartwarming journey. From a church office to dangerous back alleys to the halls of a political sanctum, the suspense builds as people of faith risk everything to right wrongs and straighten crooked paths. Courage and conscience are tested as never before. Will they tune in to God’s plans and help each other? Turn the pages and see for yourself how God turns fear to faith, doubt to hope, and loss to love.

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