Christian Editing Project: Miriam’s Miracle by Mark and Miriam Johnson

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I recently undertook a meaningful Christian editing project titled Miriam’s Miracle: A Medical Memoir Wrapped in a Love Story by Mark and Miriam Johnson. As a faith-based editor, I cherish the co-author’s feedback about the book editing process below.

“Melanie helped turn an idea into a real book. I am grateful for her skills and would recommend her to other aspiring authors trying to communicate with an audience.” ~ Mark Johnson, author of Miriam’s Miracle: A Medical Memoir Wrapped in a Love Story

Book Description for a Miraculous Journey Through Injury and Healing

I recommend this book not just because I provided editing services, but because it truly describes the indescribable — a decades-long true-life medical struggle with an incredible ending. It’s a testimony about faith, overcoming, and advocating for a spouse like no other:

Out of tragedy comes a miracle…Miriam’s miracle!

This medical memoir is wrapped in a love story like no other, demonstrating God’s love throughout the most desperate moments and a husband’s unwavering and decades-long devotion to his wife.

Imagine experiencing a work-related injury that spirals into decades of life-altering pain and suffering. Imagine fighting a system that seems stacked against you. And imagine a husband-turned-advocate who documents the ordeal, sharing the raw details of an uphill climb through the halls of medicine and courtrooms.

As a wife, mother, and employee, Miriam Johnson’s nightmare began with a slip-and-fall accident that set her husband and nine-year-old son on a trajectory of caregiving that they never could have imagined. The Johnson family’s story is love personified — a transcendent and stubborn love made possible by faith, courage, and God’s ultimate timing.

Miraculously, Miriam recovered well after her son was grown and had a family of his own. Her husband, Mark, lovingly recounts the “then” and “now” and shares his dear wife’s victory over impossible odds.

You can find the book on Amazon.

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