Inspired Book Editing — High and Wide: When grief and love collide by Nadine Sands

I am blessed to work in the world of inspired book editing, and it’s an honor to serve as Nadine Sands’ editor for High and Wide: When grief and love collide.

What an unusual medical memoir — a true love story and a challenge unto death with an ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) diagnosis.

Inspired Book Editing

About the Book

From Amazon:

High and Wide is the intimate story of grief and healing, leading up to and proceeding the earthly farewell of Nadine’s husband Michael. Nadine shares the wonder of prayer and the reservoir of comfort she experiences during the ongoing grieving process while embracing God’s continual plan for her life—which, to her surprise, included opening her heart and allowing the love of another man inside. For her, the journey of grief and love is a never-ending and ever-expanding one.

Learn more about Nadine here.

Read her captivating blog here.

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