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Some may assume that Christian authors are confined to rigid literary categories aimed only at a a small demographic of readers. But the truth is, Christian books span a wide array of fiction and nonfiction topics, and many are crossover hits.  From Amish romance to apocalyptic drama to action adventure to devotionals to self-help books—the possibilities are endless!

It’s true that many Christian authors focus on stories of faith, courage, perseverance, tenacity and love that overcomes adversity. But these stories can be woven into gripping plots with heart-healing messages. Author Tina Levine   combined these elements in a book of real life stories shared by individual Christians. Her book, Keeper of My Soul Testimonials: Look What God has Done is a first-hand accounts of worries, woes, victories and lessons that inspire and uplift readers.

From the author: “You are not alone. There are times in our lives when we think we are alone and no one knows what we are going through. There are many others going through the exact same trials, tribulations, hurts, heartaches and pains as you are. Keeper of My Soul Testimonials is a book intended to help others so that they can be uplifted by the miracles God has performed in the lives of others. It lets the world know that what He’s done for some, He can do for them.” ~ Tina Levine

Christian book editing is a mission and involves an editor who cares. If you want a team member who goes the extra mile, consult with me. I’ll help ensure your book is the best it can be.

“Thank you for editing my book. It’s good to have an editor that understands the power of prayer.” ~ Tina Levine, author of Keeper Of My Soul Testimonials: Look What God Has Done!

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