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I’ve worked in the world of words for more than thirty-five years in all writing disciplines. My favorite projects involve book editing and ghostwriting. I’m pursuing a much later-in-life master’s degree in digital media because many of my author clients are self-publishing.

English major. Former certified English teacher. Contributing magazine writer. Staff writer. Freelance writer. Editor in chief. My work earned an Excellence in Cancer Journalism award. I’ve trained in screenwriting, book-to-film adaptations, and script-to-book adaptations. I’ve also trained in SEO to populate websites and optimize digital copy. Companies hire me to blog, create white papers, write newsletters, send e-blasts, and handle social media.

So… I’m a One-Stop Writing Services Shop!

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I help clients with a variety of writing services, audience outreach, and publicity.

As a highly skilled writer and editor, I specialize in all types of writing projects, disciplines, and genres — check out my qualifications here.

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writing services

Contributing editor for Lifestyles & Homes


Your website is your most powerful marketing tool, and your blog is the driver. Yes, strongly optimized blog posts drive traffic to your site. There is no better way to connect, promote, and wordsmith your products and services.

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