Custom Blogging Services


Custom Blogging Services

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Blogging

Custom Blogging ServicesYou need an experienced and highly trained blogger to populate your website and create SEO-friendly, keyword-rich blog posts. You might be surprised to learn that blogging is one of the most important — and cost-effective — ways to boost your brand and marketplace visibility.

Small businesses often have small marketing and advertising budgets and rely on savvy online solutions to spread marketing messages. Blogging is a HUGE part of the equation. Through hard work and by implementing smart strategies, blogging helps target audiences and ensures blog messages are seen, acted upon, and spread.

Perhaps you run one of the businesses below, and if so, I invite you to contact me about my custom blogging services, which are specific to your brand, products, services, and goals!

  • Authors
  • Doctors
  • Med spas
  • Hospitals
  • Lawyers
  • Realtors
  • Homebuilders
  • Construction companies
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Skilled trade enterprises
  • Architects
  • Schools
  • Fashion, hair, and make-up artists
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Niche businesses
  • Nonprofit
  • Any type of sole proprietorship or corporation


Custom Blogging ServicesWhy Blog?

A blog is a marketing resource that helps increase your online footprint, get your message out there, and draw people to your products and services. It bridges time and space and can introduce your goods and services to audiences far and wide.

For instance, if you are an author, you certainly want book sales…but how can anyone buy your book if they don’t know it exists?

The same goes for any enterprise, from startups to larger brands.

Everyone on the planet who speaks your language and has an interest in what you offer should be able to find you. A well-done, keyword-rich blog post feeds the search engines and draws this valuable traffic to your site. The more you share well-crafted, optimized posts, the more attention your site receives. Since your ultimate goal is to convert “browsing” into sales, SEO blogging — search engine optimization — is a remarkably effective way to spark interest.

That’s where I can help.

Custom Blogging Services —The Bells and Whistles

I’ve had many clients come to me wondering why their blog wasn’t gaining traction. My first response is, “Are you following industry standard practices?” Usually, the answer is no.

So, amateur blogging, “stream of consciousness” blogging, un-optimized blogging, and sloppy blogging simply aren’t effective. That’s why customers need expert help, and my job is to deliver.

You see, blogging is a blend of art and science. It takes know-how. As part of my custom blogging services, I ensure that your web copy and blog posts include (but aren’t limited to):

  • A clear topic
  • A good meta description
  • The recommended word count
  • Appropriate H2 and H3 heading and subheadings
  • The right keywords
  • Fresh keyphrases
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links
  • Image alt attributes
  • Calls to action
  • Click buttons
  • All the “behind-the-scenes” best practices
  • Help with graphics and images too!

WordPress and custom blogging services work hand in hand!

Custom Blogging Services —The Process

First, we’ll consult about you, your company, your products or services (or both), and your target audience. We’ll talk about your mission and vision. We’ll talk about your competitors. We’ll talk about market potential and your current market share. We’ll talk about your business plan. We’ll talk about your short-term and long-term goals.

Then we’ll strategize, and I’ll put a blogging plan in place. You may want new blog posts on your website daily, twice a week, three times a week, or once a week. You might want those posts cross-promoted on your social media platforms.

I specialize in WordPress and WP Engine sites. According to Forbes (February 2023), WordPress is the #1  best blogging platform of 2023. It’s a content management system that requires a certain amount of technical knowledge in order to utilize its full potential.

That’s where I come in. If you have a WordPress site, I can populate and optimize each page in your menu and wordsmith effectively. You’ll be amazed at what blogging “done right” can do for your business.

Custom Blogging Services

My Custom Blogging Services Support Your Online Growth

Your blog is a growth tool. If your website is just sitting there, doing virtually nothing, then blogging is a solution. After all, your website and blog should work as hard as you do!

My custom blogging solutions jumpstart or reenergize your website’s effectiveness. For any site that is underperforming, the inclusion of well-written, well-strategized, and well-optimized posts can make a huge difference. Truly, even small businesses can outrank larger businesses by simply posting regularly and putting good, original content into cyberspace. That’s the power of a blog. The benefits of blogging for business and marketing simply can’t be overstated.

  • Build awareness, educate customers about products and services, and grow a client list.
  • Make the transition to a wider, broader, and more robust reach.
  • Content market to local, regional, state, national, and international markets, depending on your goals.

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If you are in need of custom blogging services or have questions about the cost and process, send an email to We’ll consult about timelines, deliverables, and strategy before launching your brand-new marketing blog!