You Should Be Blogging — Here’s Why

blogging services

Blogging Services

People often ask me, “Why do I need a blog?” When I explain the nuances, they panic and say, “But I’m not a blogger!”

The truth is, your blog should be active, as I explain below. And each post should be written professionally with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in mind. This may seem overwhelming to someone who doesn’t blog for a living, or someone who isn’t familiar with web optimization.

But don’t worry. I’m a writing coach and provide affordable blogging services. I can teach you blogging techniques or simply write blog posts for you.

Blogging Basics

First, your blog (short for web log) drives traffic back to your site. It’s social and meant to be shared. Each blog post adds fresh, original content to the Internet, and the search engines consider this information to be “news.” The more useful news you add, the better, for your blog becomes a great equalizer no matter the size of your company or project. Why? Because blogging (adding news) improves the performance of your site. When people type a key phrase or topic into their browser, your blog content and key words that makes it easy for them find your website.

However, you have to blog effectively. Yes, there is a right and wrong way to create blog content that works as hard as you do.

Blogging Techniques

Your blog should be attached to your website, because each blog post contains key words that feed the search engines. When people browse the Internet, they are looking for something specific. Your key words are specific. But you can do more than just write key word-rich content. You can optimize your site with a focus keyword, meta tags, headers, etc.

Some bloggers simply add a story or a promotion to a post. This is fine, as long as a key word count is reached and the content is key word rich. But to really maximize a blog post, professional blogging services pull out all the SEO stops. Below are actual blog posts that can help make sense of it all.

Blogging Services — The Advantage

If competing sites are stagnant (not blogging), then they are not generating interest. So blogging gives your site an advantage — a larger online footprint.

Consider interviewing various blogging services for their pricing and philosophies, me included! I’m a prolific and seasoned blogger who writes strategic web copy for your audience. My work is original, key word-rich, and SEO-friendly to feed the search engines.

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