When You Get Published Twice in Chicken Soup …

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What a thrill to get published again in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book — just in time for Mother’s Day 2019.

That Feeling When You Get Published!

I was thrilled when my first story, “Band of Brothers,” was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Really Did That?

So it was another high honor to be featured again, this time in Mom Knows Best: 101 Stories of Gratitude, Love & Wisdom.

“Mom Knows Best” — A Bestseller

My story “Mom Turned Mentor” was published in March 2019 in one of the four bestsellers leading up to Mother’s Day.

From the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher: The books occupied four of the top ten spots for new trade paperback self-help books on the Nielsen BookScan list.

That’s right. My work appears in a Chicken Soup for the Soul bestseller — and it is quite satisfying to know that someone, somewhere, was touched by my writing. I think Mom Knows Best will be one of those timeless books and remain the perfect thoughtful gift in the years to come.

What Happens After You Get Published?

I wrote about the quest to “get published” in a previous blog post. Whether we contribute to a book, get published in a magazine, self-publish, or get picked up by a top-tier traditional publisher, the goal is to launch our work into the universe.

Authors are generally surprised when they realize that the bulk of the marketing falls on their own shoulders. Yes, even if you get published through a top-tier publisher, you are STILL expected to promote yourself and your work.

There is no magical intervention (well, you could hire a publicist), but other than that it takes hard and focused work. In fact, some say the work becomes harder after you get published … since you are responsible for the success of your book. You can (and should) promote your work on social media. Facebook and Twitter are awesome “spreaders of news” and cost nothing. You can also create your own author website and promote your book(s) there.

Follow People After You Get Published

Don’t forget to follow your publisher (and literary agent) on social media as well. You can often re-post and retweet when they mention your work.

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