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Do you have a manuscript or copywriting project in the works and need to reserve your spot on my editorial calendar?

Just retain my services!

Reserve Your Spot

How to Reserve Your Spot

If you need to start your project several months in advance, contact me, and we’ll reserve your spot.

Or, maybe I’m booked solid for a month or two, and you want to reserve my next available time slot.

Either way, let’s get you on my editorial calendar!

reserve your spot

Book now, and we’ll reserve your spot on my editorial calendar!

I never know what projects lie ahead until I’m contacted by an author or a business. Some people need my help immediately, and others need to schedule a start date. It’s a good idea to retain me ahead of time so that whenever you need my services — in two weeks, four months, or a year — I can accommodate you. Ensuring your spot on my editorial calendar definitely takes the worry away.

Generally, my retainer fee is $500 for books, web copy, and other larger writing and editorial projects, and less for smaller endeavors such as white papers, marketing copy, ad copy, and blogging. Whatever the retainer, the cost is subtracted from the overall project cost once we get started.

In other words, you don’t pay extra to retain me because the amount is absorbed in my project quote.

Once I receive the retainer payment, your project is locked in. Since I must decline other jobs or schedule them later once my calendar is full, your retainer fee is non-refundable. However, if unforeseen circumstances crop up, we can move the date accordingly.

Be sure and contact me to discuss your project’s timeline and my deliverables, and we’ll set a mutually agreeable date. By the way, many first-time authors and business clients are curious about the writing and editing process, and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Are You Ready to Reserve Your Spot?

There’s no better time than the present to make sure your project will receive my full attention. Count on me to take care of your project and wordsmith a beautiful manuscript or business document! Whether I’m blogging for you or writing your book, each and every job is extremely important to me.

I appreciate the trust you place in my services, and I value you as a client.

Email, and let’s get started!