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Of course you do! Everyone can benefit from helpful writing tips, whether you’re an emerging author or veteran novelist! Get expert advice from a book editor, ghostwriter, blogger and content developer with decades of experience. I’ve worked with many authors, many genres and many publications, and became an gatherer of tips, myself! I love sharing information and welcome your comments. I’ll keep adding nuggets of wisdom to help clients and potential clients well into the future. Perhaps you’d like to share some, yourself! These writing tips are inspired by questions from the authors who trust me with their manuscripts, as well as the magazine assignments I chase. Got questions? Ask me and I’ll do my best to answer.

Content Writer

As a content writer, understanding brands is everything. It means taking a deep dive into a client’s core values and service attributes. Only then can marketing strategies and sales roadmaps be developed effectively and efficiently — with brand-specific campaigning and […]

Marketing Writer

As a communications specialist (and professional writer and editor), my skillsets assist businesses in attaining cost-effective access to new markets. I support marketing, merchandising, and advertising campaigns to help companies achieve sales and corporate goals. I can help with jump-starting […]

Ghostwriting Packages

Just as there are numerous methods to ghostwrite a book, there should be ghostwriting packages and options to pay for the service. My ghostwriting packages are author-friendly and accommodate clients according to their needs, schedules, and budgets. Customized Ghostwriting Packages […]

International Ghostwriter

As an international ghostwriter, it’s tremendously gratifying when authors rely on me to create their manuscripts, including autobiographies, memoirs, and legacy books. My goal is to write in their voices with their visions in mind, and honor their journeys. I’ve […]

National Book Editing

I’m happy to provide national book editing and copyediting services to authors in all 50 states and U.S. territories, in both American English and British English. What a thrill to collaborate on these fantastic projects, which include fiction and nonfiction […]

Ghostwriting Service

I’m constantly amazed at the stories entrusted to my ghostwriting service. It’s an honor each and every time I begin a manuscript. As the story arcs unfold and the milestones are captured, a wonderful thing happens…an autobiography comes to life! […]