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Of course you do! Everyone can benefit from helpful writing tips, whether you’re an emerging author or veteran novelist! Get expert advice from a book editor, ghostwriter, blogger and content developer with decades of experience. I’ve worked with many authors, many genres and many publications, and became an gatherer of tips, myself! I love sharing information and welcome your comments. I’ll keep adding nuggets of wisdom to help clients and potential clients well into the future. Perhaps you’d like to share some, yourself! These writing tips are inspired by questions from the authors who trust me with their manuscripts, as well as the magazine assignments I chase. Got questions? Ask me and I’ll do my best to answer.

Author Press Releases

I’ve written many press releases for clients, but never author press releases for myself, let alone a co-author. The Eugene Powell Project has been a two-year journey alongside my co-author Brian O’Connor and is finally a reality! I’m thrilled with […]

Florida Ghostwriting Project

As a ghostwriter located in the Houston, Texas area, I’m not limited to local or state projects. In fact, I work with clients around the nation and globe. An extremely exciting Florida ghostwriting project came about thanks to the digital […]

Houston Ghostwriting Services

My collaboration with Brian O’Connor began as a ghostwriting project. I’m in the Houston, Texas area and he resides in Florida … so, just how did I provide Houston ghostwriting services to a client who is separated from me by […]

Mississippi Matilda Biography

The Mississippi Matilda Biography is the First-Ever Published Account of her Life I admire Matilda Witherspoon Powell. She transcended a rough childhood, sang with the Florida Blossom Minstrels, and recorded under the stage name Mississippi Matilda with the Bluebird label […]

Houston Book Editing Services

Houston Book Editing Services Hi! If you need Houston book editing services, I’ll be happy to take a look at your manuscript. I assess it for word count and the amount of editing necessary. Perhaps you only need proofreading. Perhaps […]

Autobiography Editor

Today, I’m addressing the role of an autobiography editor in detail. I previously blogged on this difference between a memoir editor and a biography editor and explained that a memoir encapsulates a certain time in the author’s life, while a […]

Ghostwritten Memoirs

Ghostwritten memoirs are often a portal in time and take the reader through a journey only you can tell. I’m a professional and highly experienced ghostwriter — a consultant who organizes and compiles your true-life story. I write it, but […]

Ghostwriter Projects

Ghostwriter Projects are Meaningful Much like book editing, ghostwriter projects are true collaborations in which I help you tell your story. Ghostwriting, however, goes far beyond editing and requires that I write the book for you, meaning I develop and […]

Writing Rules

Need a cheat sheet for writing rules? Of course you do! Following are some excellent tips and writing rules from universities, the government, and experts. The thing is, there are all sorts of writing rules depending on what style guide […]