Blogging Testimonials

I’m happy to share blogging testimonials provided by my clients! Blogging Testimonials

White Label Blogging

Most of my blogging is white-labeled, meaning I write under company names — a form of ghostwriting where I’m not mentioned at all. Thus, I have vast blogging experience across many industries — Realtors, lawyers, plumbers, engineering firms, schools, academies, and lots of other businesses — but I’m obligated to remain an anonymous consultant.


However, the following individuals and businesses have provided recommendations — and feel free to contact them as references!

Blogging Testimonials and Recommendations

Note that the companies below have relied on my blogging and web content writing for years!

Right Choice Development and Construction is a commercial general contractor and Houston-based Certified City of Houston Women Business Enterprise that operates within the statewide Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program and the Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contracting Program — both under the Small Business Administration (SBA). In 2019, the company was named in GC Magazine among the Best Tenant Improvement (office) Contractors in Houston.


I’ve worked with Melanie Saxton for years and highly recommend her blogging, web content, and SEO services. Her optimized blogging and web content have helped draw traffic to my site, and she provides editorial blogging and social media services as well. ~ Danielle Wright, President, Right Choice Development and Construction



SuburbanBuzz is a web development, branding, graphics, and book design company, serving as a hybrid book Blogging Testimonialspublisher as well. Since 20o1, the company has attracted clientele across the United States, including sports figures, newsmakers, and businesses in numerous sectors.


Melanie is my go-to for any writing project. She’s an expert SEO blogger and content creator, and my clients love her. Due to her role as a journalist, she’s featured some of them in magazines, both print and digital. I can rely on her for anything editorial, even on short notice. ~ Holly Chervnsik, President and Creative Director, SuburbanBuzz



Author Pettis Norman is a former Dallas Cowboy and San Diego Charger who became a successful entrepreneur, community icon, and servant leader. I was honored to edit his book and assist with his blog and website content.


“Many thanks to Melanie Saxton for her assistance with my website content and blog, my social media, and for being an important part of my team!” ~ Entrepreneur and Pro Athlete Pettis Norman, former Dallas Cowboy and San Diego Charger, and author of The Pettis Norman Story: A Journey through the Cotton Fields, to the Super Bowl, and into Servant Leadership



MedAire Chairman Joan Sullivan Garrett has captured her extraordinary journey in an adrenaline-filled autobiography. It was absolutely inspiring to work as her editor (I learned so much about aviation and medicine) and assisted with creating her stunning website content and her informative blog.

“Melanie has been a vital part of my project — the book, the blog, the website, and the marketing — and I strongly recommend all of her services.” ~ Joan Sullivan Garrett, MedAire founder and chairman, and author of One Life Lost, Millions Gained: The Story of a Flight Nurse Turned MedAire CEO. Chairman Joan Sullivan Garrett of MedAire



Author Mike Gutter has penned a book that pushes back against antisemitism, racism, and xenophobia. I served as editor for Never Again STILL Means Never Again, and Mike retained my services for web content and blogging as well.


I left a glowing review for Melanie’s book editing skills, and am following up with a recommendation for her digital writing skills. Definitely hire her for your blogging needs. She populated my website, optimized the content, and began a series of blogs with a focus on World War II, as well as current events. She’s a great wordsmith and knows what she’s doing. ~ Mike Gutter, Author


Blogging Services For All

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