National Ghostwriting

Melanie Saxton offers national ghostwriting services from Texas to both coasts and also Australia, Canada, and Europe.

National Ghostwriting

I’m so very honored that people trust me with their autobiographies, memoirs, legacy books, historical fiction projects, and other writing endeavors. I ghostwrite for authors anonymously when they are unable to write their books themselves. Perhaps they have a great story but aren’t sure how to tell it. Perhaps they are restricted by schedules or life events. Sometimes, health issues prevent them from undertaking the massive task of putting a book together.

Whatever the reason, I’m here to bring books to life. There is no greater achievement, at least in the literary world, than creating a manuscript in an author’s voice, written precisely as an author envisions. Yes, with ghostwriting, my clients ARE the authors. They get the writing credit. I remain in the background as “the ghost,” usually uncredited unless an author chooses to mention me as “editor.” Otherwise, ghostwriting is a confidential endeavor involving non-disclosure agreements and various contracts, establishing the author’s rights.

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I have a huge website filled with an abundance of information and resources regarding ghostwriting and what that entails. Check out the links below or take a look at my website menu to explore the possibilities of ghostwriting.



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