Outsourcing Your Memoir — Ghostwriting

If you feel compelled to capture your adventures and life experiences, but aren’t sure about your writing abilities or how to go about this monumental feat, then consider outsourcing your memoir to a ghostwriter. There is no better time than now to get started!

Outsourcing Your Memoir

Outsourcing your memoir to a ghostwriter ensures your story lives on and passes down lessons, ponderings, and historical moments.

Outsourcing Your Memoir to a Professional Wordsmith

I ghostwrite legacy books, autobiographies, and memoirs for author clients who need help in conceptualizing, organizing, and penning their stories.

The most remarkable thing about these projects is that they are all so unique! No one else has navigated life quite like you have. Your journey is one-of-a-kind. Sharing it will benefit your descendants, who will inevitably be curious about their roots and historical past — and your role in adding to the family lore.

The Lack of Documented Journeys

Imagine holding in your hands a book written by your grandmother or grandfather. Imagine turning the pages and soaking in their words, their vernacular, their stories, their lessons, their crowning achievements, their crushing moments, and, most of all, their their bird’s-eye view and impressions of history.

Sadly, most of our grandparents (and great-grandparents) didn’t write books. Many of them simply didn’t have the spare time. They were too busy endeavoring to make a living off the land and laboring to feed their children. They weathered figurative and literal storms, navigated their fate, and their lives are remembered (sometimes vaguely) by word of mouth.

If you have ever regretted not writing down all the wisdom passed to you by your grandparents, then outsourcing your memoir will prevent your own grandchildren from having the same regrets. They can access your book and pass it to their children, and so on, and so on.

In fact, I’ve had author clients whose details were included in their grandchildren’s book reports, term papers, and essays. These grandchildren are able to live vicariously through true life stories that transport them back in time to far different days.

The Difference Between a Memoir, Autobiography, and Legacy Book

A memoir focuses on a slice of life — a period of time that was momentous, life-changing, challenging, pivotal, etc. It could include discovery, invention, military service, a corporate career, or any defining stretch of time. The following articles explain more about the process and inspiration behind writing a memoir:

An autobiography spans from birth (or even before birth, as in ancestral research) to the present day. It includes the “whole picture” and is often written later in life before memories are lost to time.

A legacy book, in general, is also written for family and future generations but may or may not appear on Amazon or a bookseller site depending on your purpose for writing it. For instance, the intention might be to add it to a family library or personal archives. Perhaps it is written solely as a treasured gift to loved ones. In other words, the book may document the actions, decisions, and accomplishments of your forebears up to the present day and your own personal contributions to an ongoing family saga.

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