We Love Memoirs Day, August 31 — Memoir Editing

I love that a special day is set aside to celebrate memoir writing and memoir reading (and by default, memoir editing)! On the very last day of August 2022, We Love Memoirs Day brings together a collective of creatives and audiences who appreciate the memoir genre.

Memoir Editing
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About We Love Memoirs Day

In 2013, two memoir authors, Victoria Twead and Alan Parks, conceived the idea to launch We Love Memoirs Day, and I’m glad they did. I’m a very experienced memoir writer and appreciate the authors who entrust me to edit and ghostwrite their personal journeys. Samples of memoir editing examples and projects are listed below:

Military Memoirs

Ghostwritten Memoirs

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Book Editing for a Pennsylvania Author

Book Editing for A New York Author

Another New York Book Editing Client

Wordsmithing Services

What’s the Difference Between a Memoir and an Autobiography?

Sometimes memoirs and autobiographies are thought of as interchangeable — two different words for the same things. This is inaccurate. Although both involve nonfiction narrative writing based on an author’s personal recollection, memoirs and autobiographies are distinct types of books.

Think of it this way. A memoir is a slice of the pie whereas an autobiography is the entire pie. So a memoir focuses on a certain part of an author’s experiences, such as military service, a teaching career, time spent in government, or adventures in, say, a trek through the Sahara or a climb up Mt. Everest versus an autobiography that covers an entire lifespan from birth to the present day.

This article may help differentiate the two — Biography Editor vs. Memoir Editor.

Do You Need Help with Memoir Editing or Writing?

Let’s connect! I’d love to answer your questions about the scope, timeline, and deliverables of memoir editing and ghostwriting. Contact me today at melaniesaxton@icloud.com for a consultation.