Military Memoir

military memoirSome of my favorite projects involve a good military memoir. I appreciate our service men and women very much and come from a military family myself.

The stories shared by veterans are enormously important to the preservation our nation’s military history. Each tale brings a fresh narrative, a deeper understanding to readers. These journeys have a unique perspective — odysseys that can only be told from the bird’s-eye views and first-hand accounts of people who served. Memoirs take us on a journey unlike anything a civilian has ever experienced.

Military Memoir — a Vicarious Experience for the Reader

Whether a service member deployed at home or abroad in 100 various countries, a military memoir can broaden our understanding of sacrifice, honor and patriotism. And no — you don’t have to be a four-star general to have a story worth telling. Some of the best tales come from enlisted men and women. Some are not easy stories to tell, while others mix behind-the-scenes humor into their books — boot camp, desert survival or the camaraderie of sailing the seven seas.

Six Branches in the U.S. Military

We are familiar with the five branches of the military below, but look at the sixth. According to

The newest branch of the military, the U.S. Space Force was signed into law in December, 2019.

This means a whole new type of military memoir may arise from service in this sixth branch.

  1. Air Force
    • Air Force Reserve
    • Air National Guard
  2. Army
    • Army Reserve
    • Army National Guard
  3. Coast Guard
    • Coast Guard Reserve
  4. Marine Corps
    • Marine Corps Reserve
  5. Navy
    • Navy Reserve
  6. Space Force

The ordeals are as riveting as the adventures. Soaking up different locales and cultures is one thing, but our military members also endure homesickness and loss. Loss in combat. Loss due to personal injury. Indeed, they develop a honed world view, and this is the tip of the iceberg in a military memoir.

The underlying strength and resilience of a military story may include the ability to endure, overcome, defy and survive — most of us can’t begin to understand until we read about it. The training, the discipline, and the focus required surpasses the experiences of ordinary people. Writing a military memoir can be cathartic as veterans share the experience.

Perhaps the service path was rougher than most — a very human expedition through temptations and lessons learned. Perhaps bonds formed with fellow service members, both living and lost, wounded and whole, and their families as well. All are accounts worth sharing.

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