Self-Help Editor

self-help editor

I’m a self-help editor who works with authors as they write manuscripts that benefit specific target audiences.

Humans today often seek help in personal development, wherever they happen to be in their life journeys. Many have invested in therapy and counseling. Some wish to learn more through books and look for self-improvement resources in shops and on Amazon.

That’s where my author clients come in — psychologists, psychiatrists, relationship coaches, trainers, educators, counselors, therapists and ordinary people. They have learned to successfully navigate challenges and help others do the same.

Self-Help Editor — Topics

Self-help authors are needed everywhere. My clients cover many topics such as relationships, self-awareness, personal growth, habit and mood challenges, motivation, emotional intelligence, nutrition, weight control, body image, addiction, physical health, spirituality, aging, bereavement, etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I noticed that many colleges and universities offer resources for struggling students, which is inspiring from a writing perspective. For instance, the University of Alabama has a web page devoted to all sorts of self-help topics. Self Help, Inc. in Massachusetts has a wonderful website devoted a myriad of resources.

Yes, there is a broad writer’s market for self-help. Authors, however, sometimes worry that their case studies are dry or their writing is less than appealing. Many strive to connect with readers through a conversational, approachable tone.

That’s where I come in — a self-help editor who assists in taking manuscripts to the next level and editing them for much more than punctuation and grammar. I help make these books more appealing, more engaging, and therefore, more marketable.

“Brain science” — Wonderfully Life-changing

Have you ever read a book that rocked your world? Perhaps it made you see your situation or ordeal in a new light. Maybe it sparked much-needed internal growth for you or a loved one.

Brain science-type books can be wonderfully life-changing. I enjoy collaborating on these manuscripts for that exact reason. It’s quite remarkable to play a small part in projects that help authors connect with people in need.

I’m gratified every time I’m hired as a self-help editor. Contact me today, and let’s talk about your manuscript editing needs.