Content Writer

As a content writer, understanding brands is everything. It means taking a deep dive into a client’s core values and service attributes. Only then can marketing strategies, sales roadmaps, and extras like SEO blogs be developed effectively and efficiently — with brand-specific campaigning and brand partnerships in mind. My role is to help raise product and service awareness and generate leads and also assist in converting those leads to sales. These efforts include revenue generation through customer loyalty.


Content Writer
Add blogger, press release writer, WordPress SEO specialist, branding specialist, and storyteller to this list — and you’ll have a comprehensive view of my services!


It Takes a Storyteller

My role is to demonstrate how and why your offerings are worthy of a purchase… and ongoing purchases!

I collaborate directly with marketing teams to create ad copy, new campaigns, rebranding, blog posts, white papers, news articles, and even scripts for promotional videos. If it has words, I’m part of it as a highly trained and experienced content writer and creative.

Yes, it truly matters to write in a way that resonates Entire campaigns hinge on effective verbiage — not just keywords and slogans, but unforgettable messages that create feelings of trust, curiosity, excitement, and value. It’s certainly not easy to hit these projects out of the ballfield, but how glorious when it all comes together and achieves a team’s end goals!

I tell stories to masses of consumers who are seeking useful products and services. This is part of the reason I chose psychology as a minor and English as a major, and pursued graduate coursework in digital media much later in my career. There is no way to over-emphasize the importance of understanding the human psyche, and what appeals in tight markets, and why customer loyalty remains in place even during economic downturns.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

They say that two heads are better than one… and an entire team of marketing strategists, operations specialists, branding partners, and analysts takes collaboration to the next level, especially in global sectors. I enjoy working in groups and supporting fellow creatives, including art directors and designers, as we work together to develop branding and expand customer bases.

Yet even when I’m the sole creative, the overall goal is to consistently communicate messages while adapting to market trends in competitive traditional and digital arenas. I help weave narratives into the hearts and minds of consumers and bring knowledge, skills, and experience to the table.

In addition to my educational background in English and digital media, I’m an award-winning journalist, magazine writer, book editor, and ghostwriter with 35+ years in the world of words. I’m also an expert WordPress SEO blogger. These collective pursuits have positioned me to contribute mightily to marketing endeavors, from brainstorming concepts to rebranding to maintaining customer loyalty. I love being a content writer and bringing values to companies!

Collaborate with a Content Writer!

Contact me at, and we can talk about timelines, deliverables, and the nuances of your project. I can’t wait to hear from you!