Award Winning Journalism

An Article that Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

Because I support breast cancer awareness and research, receiving an Excellence in Cancer Journalism Award from the American Cancer Society was especially gratifying.

This media award is given to radio, television, newspaper and magazine journalists, and I was honored to be one of only 16 recognized by the American Cancer Society throughout Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.


“Through these stories, the public has learned more about cancer research, treatment, early detection, how to get help, and what it feels like to be a cancer survivor.”

~ Jackie Bayly-Bryant, vice-president of the Division Communications Department

American Cancer Society

Award Winning Journalism

Here’s the story and layout—a very personal article about a brave breast cancer survivor who happened to be my sister’s neighbor. It was inspirational to interview Penny Ducote and learn how she first noticed that something was wrong, and then how she sprang into action.

But there is also a backstory that I did not include in the article—my own grandmother’s journey. My grandmother was stricken first by Alzheimer’s, and then by breast cancer—the first in my family to be diagnosed with the disease. I had always wanted to write an article that supported breast cancer awareness and in some way honor my grandmother and what she went through. I know she would be proud of this article, which was published eight year’s after she passed away and won the Excellence in Cancer Journalism Award the following year in 2009.

I hope you enjoy reading this story of hope, determination and support from a loving community, and that you also promote breast cancer awareness.


Pink Divas by Melanie Saxton
American Cancer Society Media Award
High Plains Division
Excellence in Cancer Journalism American Cancer Society Media Award 2009

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