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I’m a Volunteer Wikipedia Editor Wikipedia editor

You may ask, “But what’s a Wikipedia editor? What does that mean?”

Well, while most people around the world simply read Wikipedia pages, a group of volunteers help keep the Wikipedia site updated. We surveil pages for grammar and punctuation, as well as accuracy. We can correct information, delete misinformation, and add content.

Wikipedia calls us “Wikipedians.”

My Volunteer Services as a Wikipedia Editor

I began editing for Wiki simply as a way to give back as a writer and editor, especially in an age when online “facts” may not be facts at all and require verification as never before. Once I became proficient, I began to help others with simple corrections.

For instance, you may be surprised to find that a Wikipedia article already exists about you, your company, your invention, etc. — but perhaps the article is outdated or not factual. If this article needs simple amending or updating, I might be able to help at no charge under certain conditions, considering I do this in my spare time (which is scarce).

Note the emphasis on simple edits based on neutral, verifiable, independent sources. If I cannot help you, I’ll point you to the resources below.

An Update on Wikipedia Page Development

It’s one thing to simply update a page. Creating entire pages from scratch, however, is a whole different animal. I previously offered Wikipedia page development as a paid service, but have recently decided to remove that option.


I would prefer to help where I can at no cost (based on my availability), or point you to the “Requested Articles” page on Wikipedia from which you can ask that an article be written.

As a Wikipedia editor, I’ve decided that my efforts should remain free of charge as this very much fits the essence of what Wikipedia is —

Wikipedia is a multilingual open-collaborative online encyclopedia created and maintained by a community of volunteer editors using a wiki-based editing system. It is one of the 15 most popular websites as ranked by Alexa, as of August 2020. Featuring no ads, it is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, an American non-profit organization funded primarily through donations.

Then How Do You Get a Wikipedia Page Developed?

A lot of people aren’t aware that they can go directly to Wikipedia and request that a page be created. This is why Wikipedia’s “Requested Articles” page is such a valuable resource.

Yes, there are “paid” services for Wikipedia writing out there in cyberspace, and you can reach out to these entities for assistance. The problem is, no paid service can guarantee your page will remain active — a Wikipedia administrator might remove it if it doesn’t meet the threshold. Thus, going directly to Wikipedia bypasses that issue.

There has been controversy surrounding paid Wikipedia articles due to abuse and lack of neutrality, as well as conflict of interest guidelines that you should read before hiring a Wikipedia editor, plus disclosure requirements that must be met. You, your company or your invention must meet notability criteria as well.

Caution abounds here. No Wikipedia editor should charge to create a page that could be deleted, and it’s better to be safe and sorry. If you decide to contact Wikipedians who charge to create Wikipedia pages, do so carefully and with this blog post in mind.

I’ve heard a few people say, “Well, I’ll just become a Wikipedian and write my own page.”

The problem is, it’s generally against Wikipedia standards for you to write a Wikipedia page about yourself or your company or invention. The rationale is that it’s difficult to remain “neutral” in these instances. Note that Wikipedia is not a promotional medium for advertising, marketing or public relations — pages created for these reasons are usually deleted by Wikipedia administrators.

Again, I recommend that you visit the “Requested Articles” page.

Help Desk and Contact Links

If you are having trouble with Wikipedia updates, content, photos, etc. or have general questions, try the links below:

Becoming a Wikipedian

You, too, can join the Wikipedia community and become a Wikipedia editor. If you feel called to volunteer and wish to contribute, then explore Wikipedia and get started!

People with writing and editing backgrounds may find the Wikipedia platform easy to use. Wikipedia has its own style guide and plenty of resources for learning (cheatsheets, community portal, Help Desk), so consider becoming a Wikipedian yourself. It will enable you to update, correct, create and help the world of Wikipedia become a more useful and reliable resource for millions of people.

Contact me and let’s consult.

Email me at and I’ll be glad to discuss the ins and outs of Wikipedia, and can hopefully assist or point you in the right direction.