Wikipedia Editor

I’m a Wikipedia editor. Wikipedia editor

You may ask, “But what’s a Wikipedia editor? What does that mean?” Well, while most people around the world simply read Wikipedia pages, a group of volunteers help keep the Wikipedia site updated. We surveil pages for grammar and punctuation, as well as accuracy. We can correct information and delete misinformation. We can also develop pages on behalf of others.

Wikipedia calls us “Wikipedians.”

My Services as a Wikipedia Editor

In a nutshell, you can hire me as a consultant to:

  • Write your Wikipedia page
  • Correct your Wikipedia page
  • Update your Wikipedia page

It’s important to consult on Wiki page development. I can tell you if you fall under the criteria for a Wiki page, what’s involved, and how best to approach the project.

I can also work closely with you to amend an existing page for accuracy, new information, and photos.

Wikipedia Page Development

I began editing for Wiki simply as a way to give back as a writer and editor, especially in an age when online facts reqire verification as never before. Once I became proficient, I began offering this service to clients who requested a Wikipedia page.

The criteria is high. My clients are generally high profile enough to have news and magazine articles written about them. Their work, careers, inventions or involvement in the world is noteworthy. I develop Wikipedia pages based on verifiable content (normally links to published media) and photos that are owned by clients and permitted for use on the site.

But what if you already have a Wiki page and have no idea how it got there?

Some Wiki editors create pages for notable people without the knowledge of the subject. Public figures and athletes, especially, may find a Wikipedia page about them, which should be filled with truthful and verifiable content.

But what if the Wikipedia article isn’t correct? What if it needs updated?

That’s were I come in.

As a Wikipedia editor, I can correct and update a Wikipedia page for you.

Contact me and let’s get started!

Email me at and I’ll be glad to discuss the ins and outs of Wikepedia.