publicistMarketing should be a factor in every project, and a publicist is an important resource.

Many businesses (and this includes the “business of being an author”) need a publicist, considering the  challenges of promoting and publicizing projects. Whether it be books, book-to-film adaptations, business services or new offerings, the challenge is how best to share the exciting news.

I can help.

I am a liaison between you and the public. By public, I mean your target audience, potential buyers, promotional organizations and social platforms that can propel your message forward. Below are some of the many options available to get your name and project out there! I assist you in connecting with people where they are — online and in cyberspace.

That’s precisely what you can expect from a publicist on behalf of you, the client.

As a publicist, I provide the following services for my clients, customized (and sometimes overlapping) according to project:

Social media management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Wikipedia pages

Development, corrections, updates

IMDb pagespublicist

IMDb Pro, development, corrections, updates

Website updates

WordPress content, blog posts, search engine optimization (SEO)


Book signings, radio spots, podcasts, blog tours, photo shoots


Press releases, newsletters


Placement in magazines, newspapers, blogs; advertorial, ad copy development


Marketing plans, budgeting, target audience, strategic targeting


Scripts for interviews, podcast preparation, book-to-film scripts, scripting for videos (YouTube), scripting for answering services and on hold messages

Thoughts on Why You Should Hire a Publicist

It’s not enough to write a book and have an Amazon link. It’s not enough to have great ideas. Numerous forms of publicity can help you meet audiences where they are — online, in cyberspace. I’ve worked in the world of words for more than thirty years and witnessed the explosion of opportunities to publicize projects.

To keep up with the latest trends, I’m pursuing a much later-in-life master’s degree in digital media. This graduate coursework goes well beyond the basics of marketing, advertising, communications and industry experience, and positions me to help clients:

  • Deliver messages
  • Use the right platforms
  • Target the right groups
  • Promote a public image
  • Increase sales
  • Connect and engage

Have questions? Need a quote? Contact me today and let’s get started!