Magazine Journalism 2022

The Woodlands City Lifestyle

I took a pause in magazine journalism during the pandemic. It seemed many new and emerging authors suddenly had time on their hands to reflect, write, and finish their long-percolating manuscripts. I’m honored that they relied on me to do the editing — developmental, line, copy edits, and proofing. Ghostwriting projects also emerged, some still in production and others on the horizon, mostly involving biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, and legacy books.

As long as authors have stories to tell, I’ll always be busy with writing and editing projects. But now I’ve jumped back into magazine journalism part-time to share stories on assignment. There is nothing quite like the thrill of reporting community news, travel-related adventures, arts and entertainment, animal rescue stories, and other share-worthy articles that point people to events and opportunities.

Magazine Journalism — Cool in the City

The Woodlands City Lifestyle is such an amazing magazine, and I’m glad I’m on board. The publication focuses on everything local including the culture, the people, the art, the culinary specialists, businesses, style, homes, and travel with carefully curated editorial, and with community readers in mind.

I wrote a staycation-themed piece that was published in the July issue, and I’m excited to share it here. <—

I’ll add to this page as more articles appear in print and online. In the meantime, enjoy!

magazine journalism
Cool in the City The Woodlands City Lifestyle
magazine journalism
Cool in the City The Woodlands City Lifestyle

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