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Melanie Saxton marketing services — digital media expert, WordPress SEO specialist, all-around wordsmith | Arrowhead Photography May 2024

How Did I Get Started in Marketing?

As a literary editor and all-around wordsmith, I’ve worked in the world of words as an editor for 38-plus years with hundreds of authors, not to mention dozens of magazines. Many authors needed marketing help and asked me for advice. Obviously, all writers should engage readers where they are — online — and that’s where I could help. Soon, I was populating websites and blogging about books, genres, and author backgrounds.

In my fifties, I decided to specialize in marketing as an official service offering for businesses of all kinds, in addition to book editing and ghostwriting. My very first corporate clients were in the trades, from construction companies to plumbers and HVAC companies.

Graduate coursework in digital media became a great investment because I studied advertising, PR, and social media in addition to marketing, which meant I could do even more for businesses. What a great master’s level education! Interestingly, even today, most of my marketing clients are in the trades and construction, so I’m well-versed in the vernacular, keywords, and key phrases. I understand the marketplace and the industry, both residential and commercial, and enjoy working on these particular websites and blogs very much!

Serving An Assortment of Businesses

Fast forward a decade, and I now offer WordPress SEO and copyediting services to businesses in most sectors:

  • Work with an SEO plugin to greenlight blogs and pages
  • Utilize keywords and keyphrases to feed search engines and draw traffic
  • Wordsmith fresh, compelling, effective content with calls to action
  • Brainstorm slogans
  • Edit and improve existing web copy
  • Optimize existing web copy and images
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • White papers

If you need assistance with your digital presence, count on me to implement best practices and help you rank. An expert blogger and content creator can make all the difference.

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