August is Romance Awareness Month — Romance Book Editing

As someone involved in romance book editing, I recommend the Romance Writers of America as a supportive association. Read A Romance Month is another great group. This month of August 2022 is a celebration of all things romantic, specifically romance novels that run a gamut of love stories.

My favorites are sweet romance novels, historical romance novels from bygone eras, modern Christian romance, and the Amish romance stories that have gained a huge fanbase. Of course, Harlequin Books are also a go-to and audience favorite — “Harlequin Books is the global leader in series romance and one of the world’s leading publishers of books for women. From hopeful fresh starts to dramatic family sagas to unexpected twists, every story is a journey.”

My Job in Romance Book Editing

I work with authors and their stories to surveil for much more than grammar and punctuation. Is the story real enough to resonate with an audience? Are there obstacles to face and overcome? Is the “happily ever after” a hard-won journey? What sparks the leads’ interests and what alienates them? Can readers live vicariously through the senses — sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell? The ingredients of lively dialogue, intense emotion, and prior cause-and-effect experiences are ingredients that might simmer or boil over, and how exciting is that?

How to Start

I encourage authors to write down ideas about plot and setting and then explore the chemistry between characters. Really get to know your protagonists and antagonists. Understand their motives, moods, triggers (good and bad), hopes, dreams, and skillsets. Is your couple meant to be — already perfectly aligned like two halves to a whole? Or do they evolve and adjust to make the relationship work? The possibilities are endless.

Let’s Connect

Contact me to help with editing your story, and you might need some help writing your story too!