Bookstore Romance Day, August 20 — Romance Editing

Romance editing is even more exciting this time of year. The Bookstore Romance Day falls on August 20, 2022 — a summertime event that brings a lot of shopping opportunities for book lovers.

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What is Bookstore Romance Day?

Bookstore Romance Day is a day designed to give independent bookstores an opportunity to celebrate Romance fiction — its books, readers, and writers — and to strengthen the relationships between bookstores and the Romance community.

Find a list of participating bookstores here.

According to Publishers Weekly,

Bookstore Romance Day bets on the H.E.A. (Happily Ever After) with almost 400 bookstores planning to participate in a combination of virtual programming and national in-store events.

According to the Midwest Independent Booksellers Association,

If you’re a bookstore that sells Romance in any form, from Classics to YA to those books we all think of as “Romance” or anything in-between, and would like to participate in the first Bookstore Romance Day on August 20, 2022, find out how you can participate.

How exciting is that?

Romance Editing Projects

I love all things “sweet romance,” meaning Christian titles from authors like Karen Kingsbury, and Amish titles from authors such as Beverly Lewis.

Thankfully, good old-fashioned love stories will always be alive and well because readers like me enjoy the paperback versions and movie adaptations. The Princess Bride movie was adapted from a novel of the same name. Same for The Notebook. So were Pride & Prejudice, The Fault in Our Stars, Little Women, and Dear John.

I’ve edited my fair share of romance books, each one poignant in its own way. Sometimes even memoirs are a type of romance, especially when a widowed author writes against the backdrop of an amazing marriage.

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