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New York Author Writes a Historical Memoir and a Family Biography

Author Velma Jackson-Wilkins

It would have been easy to choose an editor from New York. After all, Velma Jackson-Wilkins is a Manhattan-based author living in close proximity to New York book editing companies. But she found me in Texas, and I was honored to become her book editor. Her work is profound.

Memoir and Biographical Editing

Velma is an amazingly talented writer who penned a debut memoir entitled Too Many, Too Soon: A True Story of the Death of Seven Family Members. The book honors the lives of her lost loved ones while sharing their complex stories.

She later wrote the autobiography A Look Back: Stories of struggle and survival growing up and out of rural Alabama. The experience of growing up “dirt poor” in rural Alabama provides readers a wealth of firsthand insights. Velma shares the resiliency, self-reliance, important cultural traditions, and rich faith which defined her future.

Notably, each book teaches new generations to honor the wisdom of the “old ways.”

“Special thanks to Melanie Saxton, who proved to be critical in this process. She provided creative ideas and editorial excellence to help make this book come to life. Thank you for your insight, kind words, and wisdom during the entire process. You are more than I could have wished for in an editor.” ~Velma Jackson-Wilkins, New York, NY, author of Too Many, Too Soon and A Look Back

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About the Author

Velma is a retired executive who spent over 35 years in Corporate America. Her native roots in Alabama stretch to Manhattan where she lives with her husband. She frequently travels “home” to visit her family.

Self-sufficiency and faith were lessons learned early on in a childhood spent in grinding poverty. Velma grew up in the deep south and is the only one of eight children to achieve a college education. She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama and a Masters of Business Administration from Pace University—Lubin School of Business in New York City.

I’m so glad that I became involved with Velma and her New York book editing projects. Today editors can work remotely on manuscripts while providing expert service to clients all over the work.

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