Hawaii Book Editing Project

Hawaii book editing

Author Lucas Kana

Imagine my surprise when Lucas Kana contacted me regarding a Hawaii book editing project. This gifted author wrote The Lei Crime Series: Princess Eyes, a murder mystery that began as one book and segued into two throughout the book editing process (Part 1 Book 1 and Part 2 Book 2).

Princess Eyes is the prequel to Blood Orchids by award-winning, USA Today bestselling author Toby Neal—the very first in the Lei Crime Series.

As a Texan and fan of the series, I especially loved this Hawaii book editing project because it transported me to the paradise island of Oahu and Waikiki Beach. Lucas’ vivid descriptions of the landscape, landmarks, and scenery are unique to the island, but the plot and premise were the real clinchers:

“In early spring, a body is found in the north district of Maui. Soon another follows. A recent graduate of forensic pathology, young Kekoa Secaro finds himself outwitted and outmatched by a monster.

After six years and nine unsolved cases, the geeky Maui Metro Lieutenant teams up to investigate with Special Agent Jenna Brooke, a streetwise psychologist for the FBI. The case takes a huge turn when The Groomsman starts targeting rapists. Together they embark on a clever cat-and-mouse chase, which leads to the mysterious disappearance of a local beauty queen known as ‘Princess Eyes.’”

All the while, Secaro struggles with the greatest dilemma of all, catching a seasoned killer without endangering the lives of himself or his colleagues.

About the Author

Lucas grew up in Maui and studied philosophy, history and photography at the University of Hawaii-Manoa. He lives and works on Maui and is busy writing a new thriller set in Oahu, entitled Adverse Possession. Based on Princess Eyes, I can only imagine how riveting his new book will be!

“Melanie, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work. This has been intense and you’ve been wonderful. Thank you so much.” ~ Lucas Kana, Hawaii, author of The Lei Crime Series: Princess Eyes Part 1 Book 1 and Part 2 Book 2.

Do You Have a Hawaii Book Editing Project?

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