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Author and weatherman Frank Billingsley

The One and Only Frank Billingsley

As a book editor in Texas, I’m fortunate to work in the world of words and provide book editing services to wonderful authors like Frank Billingsley. He’s my favorite television meteorologist at KPRC in Houston.

An Author and a Book Editor in Texas — It’s a Match!

Frank and I are both located in Houston, but he heard about me through a media maven in California. Through this long-distance recommendation came a book editing project like no other. Frank wrote a tale that was 1.) a genealogical adventure, 2.) a scientific DNA primer, and 3.) a story about the ties that bind.

Swabbed & Found: An Adopted Man’s DNA Journey to Discover His Family Tree was the result—a helpful book for anyone seeking adoptive parents. I found myself cheering through this editing project as Frank defeated the closed adoption barriers and discovered his biological family!

book editor in Texas

Frank Billingsley chose a book editor in Texas — and so can you!

About the Author

Frank Billingsley has been a Houston, Texas, television weatherman for almost 30 years, serving as Chief Meteorologist for KPRC Channel 2 (NBC) since 1995. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1960, Billingsley was adopted and raised in Mountain Brook, Alabama, and always wondered if he got his personality, his bright blue eyes, or his love of people from his biological mother or his father. But he was adopted, so he never knew. Swabbed & Found is the fascinating story of how he combined cutting-edge DNA tests and genealogical programs in combination with his investigative skills to put the pieces of his family tree in order.

Along the way, he discovered that people are not always who they seem, or even who they think they are. Each time he would think that he had come to a dead end, he found himself helped by a new friend or a newly discovered relative until finally, he was able to find the family he had wondered about for his whole life.

What Readers Are Saying

“I finished your book last night. What a wonderful story. I could hardly put it down, I know this experience was an emotional rollercoaster for you, with lots of ups and downs, and a very happy ending. You have family!!! Lots of family! Holiday’s at your house will never be the same! Thanks for sharing your adventure with the world. You truly are a gifted story teller, a world class weather man, and I’m sure a great Husband and stepfather. My Husband and I look forward to seeing you on the news every day, especially if there is a storm brewing. All the best to you and yours.” ~ Karen

What a wonderful story and I’m so glad you found your family!!! I am not a big reader, but when I do find a book that interests me from the beginning, it’s hard for me to put it down, which is exactly what happened with your book. I am going to pass this onto my friends who I know will enjoy that story as much as I did. Enjoy your family!!! ~ Jane

Hi Frank, I finished your book a few nights ago and all I can think is what editors/publishers would have said had your story been a novel: “Too implausible, not one’s going to believe any of those things can happen.” Wow, what an inspiring book. ~ Danielle

“I am on page 42. Love it. Crying” ~ Stephen G.

“I cannot put your book down. So proud of you. I love it. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried! It’s sooooo GOOD!!!!” ~ Tarek E.

“Finished your book. Amazing! I seriously was captivated by it. Well written. All I can say is whatever you do, don’t get rid of that sofa in the kitchen!” ~ Corey T.

“Book is Awesome. I finished it and can’t wait to visit with you about it.” ~ Franelle R.

“I bought his book….I really couldn’t put it down. It was such a good read…touching with Frank’s wit as well.” ~ Pam

“So interesting to read about the different information he found from the companies…I really enjoyed the mysteries that were solved.” ~ Pam

“I started it last night and could hardly put it down. Amazing and I’m only to Chapter 6!” ~ Kathy Y

“Swabbed and Found. About his DNA testing to find his biological parents. Fantastic read.” ~ Karen W.

Are You Looking for a Book Editor in Texas?

Frank could have chosen anyone in the nation to edit his book, but he chose me, a Texas book editor who happened to be a fan. The rest is history and happy endings.

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