Ghostwritten Memoirs

ghostwritten memoirs

Authors, hire a professional for your ghostwritten memoirs.

Ghostwritten memoirs are often a portal in time and take the reader through a journey only you can tell. I’m a professional and highly experienced ghostwriter — a consultant who organizes and compiles your true-life story.

I write it, but you are the credited author.

What are Memoirs?

Memoirs and biographies are often lumped together on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. But there is a distinction.

  • Memoirs chronicle a slice of life — a period of years.
  • Autobiographies chronicle a full lifetime from birth to present day.
  • Biographies can be written posthumously, often in conjunction with a ghostwriter.

Ghostwritten Memoirs Should Resonate with Your Voice

Although I write your memoir for you, I’m extremely careful to do so in your voice. The book should not “sound” like me … it should sound like you.

This means I listen closely during our conversations by phone or in person. I study your own writing style including your notes, journals, blogs, etc. and base the manuscript on your unique writing mannerisms as much as possible. Note that some authors acknowledge that writing is not their strong suit, and therefore hire me to do the writing for them.

Again, the key is capturing the nuances of your articulation and thought processes, and ensuring it is evident in the manuscript. I attend to the grammar and punctuation as well, but also the story arc and any gaps that need filled. My job often entails “jogging your memory,” researching facts, and interviewing others who are pertinent to your memoir.

Ghostwritten Memoirs Chronicle Events Before They are Lost to Time

Many memoirs are written as the author approaches middle age. Others are written later in life. These later-in-life manuscripts are especially crucial, as memories tend to fade. Memoirs ensure that important events are not lost to time and that particular “slices of life” are preserved for posterity.

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