Ghostwriter Projects

Ghostwriter Projects

Your story is unlike any other. A ghostwriter helps you tell it.

Ghostwriter Projects are Meaningful

Much like book editing, ghostwriter projects are true collaborations in which I help you tell your story. Ghostwriting, however, goes far beyond editing and requires that I write the book for you, meaning I develop and compile the book based on the material you provide.

This could be notes, documents, journals or even boxes of news clippings. You can send me this valuable information through email attachments, scans, text messages, Facebook messages, packages, Skype, Facetime and phone interviews. At times I travel to meet clients to view collections, memorabilia and other treasures connected to the story.

First I organize this data and develop a story arc. Whether your book is a memoir, biography or legacy tale and keepsake, the effort is identical. My job is to tell the story in your authentic voice. For instance, I have been involved in dozens of ghostwriter projects, and each is unique. We are documenting your journey, not mine, and this means each book “sounds” like you. After all, you lived it and deserve a manuscript filled to the brim with your perspective and insights.

A More Robust Definition Below

ghostwriter projects

So, we collaborate throughout the project with me compiling the narrative and you supplying the details. Sometimes I’ll prompt you to fill in a gap. I might ask you to expand upon a passage, a memory, or even a date and time.

Ghostwriter Projects Involve Research

I’m a whiz at research—and sometimes ghostwriting requires a ton of it. I look online for information that may be buried or hard to find. I visit libraries. I search genealogical records. I look at county, city, state and national governmental resources. I may interview family, friends, fans and business partners.

Not only does this bolster the manuscript, but often helps to corroborate facts such as locations and events during specific eras.

Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

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