Book Editing for a Pennsylvania Author

Working with the Amazing Sally Gerth

Author Sally Gerth

I vividly remember the day that Sally Gerth contacted me. I’m in Texas, she’s in Pennsylvania, and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, she found me.

Sally is a remarkable lady — a Realtor who had lost both her husband and son in a short span of 18 months. Few can even fathom how painful this double loss was, and the way Sally coped really exemplified true courage and dignity in a way I’d never seen before. Her memoir was written to help others overcome the deepest grief and move forward to live purposefully. Did I mention she’s amazing?

She contacted me to learn more about my book editing services and we shared many wonderful conversations about her husband and only child—the son she adored more than life, itself. It was then that I realized how much I wanted to be a part of the project.

Pennsylvania Book EditorEditing a Memoir

Not surprisingly, Sally was determined to place her memoir, Sit It Out Or Dance, in capable editing hands. I’m sure she interviewed a Pennsylvania book editor or two, but she hired me instead. Why? Well, we just clicked and she trusted that I would be as passionate about her book as she was.

How could I not be passionate about this memoir? You see, Sally never asked, “Why me?” It never occurred to her to question God or do anything other than mourn, adjust, honor her loved ones, and write a memoir to help others cope with a similar loss. It was the self-help advice that impressed me most, for it included resources for those struggling with sudden death and other sensitive issues.

I am so grateful that Sally chose me instead of a Pennsylvania book editor, for I was privileged to experience her journey up close and personal. What an honor to work with an author who wrote to benefit others—a selfless act that simultaneously enabled Sally to honor the family she had loved and lost.

“Melanie was introduced to me by an author and publisher in my hometown in Pennsylvania. She is extremely hardworking and insightful, and as my book editor has guided me through the journey of writing a memoir. She has also helped with social media and promotion. I feel blessed that we connected. She is wonderful and I now call her ‘My Friend.’ Thank you, Melanie, and if a sequel is in my future, you are my editor!” ~ Sally Gerth, Furlong, PA, Realtor and author of Sit It Out Or Dance

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