National Day of Writing — Legacy Book Ghostwriting

October 20 is a day to celebrate the written word as the National Day of Writing. Perhaps it’s a gentle reminder to tackle your family, corporate, or military history through legacy book ghostwriting.

Book Ghostwriting
Legacy book ghostwriting helps authors capture the past before memories are lost to time.

Do you have a corporate tale, family adventure, genealogical story, military journey, or other legacy-centric accounts that you want to capture for posterity? Look no further than a professional legacy book ghostwriter.

What is Legacy Book Ghostwriting?

Your ancestor’s immigration stories, achievements, and challenges overcome are included, but legacy book ghostwriting entails more than your ancestral past. I organize, outline, and write your masterpiece, often interviewing family, friends, and colleagues to fill gaps and attend to the bigger picture. I pour through documents, comb through publically accessible data, research genealogical sites, and surveil the internet for news stories and archives. My goal is to add as much (or as little) information to your legacy book before the memories and details are lost to time.

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National Day of Writing

I celebrate every National Day of Writing (October 20) by ghostwriting legacy books, memoirs, autobiographies, or historical fiction novels for author clients. This special writing “holiday” was designated by the National Council of Teachers of English. As an English major, you can bet that I enjoy participating!

It’s truly an honor to work in the world of words and collaborate with authors who trust me with their legacy books, memoirs, autobiographies, historical fiction books, and other writing disciplines.

If you need help with your book project, please contact me! Let’s discuss your story and plan a way forward.