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National Ghostwriter
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I’m a national ghostwriter based in Texas and have the honor of working with authors all over the world. It’s such a meaningful profession. Authors from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe trust me with their stories, either as a book editor or ghostwriter. For ghostwriting projects, I spend six months to two years writing their autobiographies, memoirs, legacy books, and other types of manuscripts.

Benefits of Hiring a National Ghostwriter

Along the way, I’ve made many friendships and have gathered many contacts in the literary world. Thus, I’m able to bring more to the table as an experienced professional. I can help point authors to literary agents who are open to submissions. I can help with compiling your book synopsis and query letters. If you are an indie author, I can help write your back cover blurb and Amazon listing description. In all cases, I help authors craft their bios if requested, and offer insights into the publishing realm.

Some authors have very little to share, other than their memories. Perhaps their documents and albums were misplaced or destroyed in a flood or fire. It’s up to me to sleuth and dig for the chronology of their story and do the fact-checking. I scour ancestry sites and search for publicly available information. I ferret out news sources and media mentions. I look into the history of the companies they worked for, the ranches on which they worked, and the schools they attended. Sometimes it’s helpful to interview close family, extended family, friends, colleagues, pastors, and professors.

Other authors have a plethora of assets to share and snail mail me boxes of copies of documents. I ask that they not send originals because I would feel horrible if something were to happen to their paperwork, images, and other information on my watch. It’s also a good idea to store information on a file share system such as Dropbox.

I enjoy interviewing authors and getting a good sense of their voice and syntax. It’s important that their books “sound” like them (rather than me), and that their recollections ring true.

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