Ancestor Appreciation Day — Your Memoir Matters

Your memoir matters as a historical and anecdotal account that only you can write. No one else has navigated the hills and valleys that you have. No one else can describe the blood, sweat, and tears. From soaring highs to tumbles, from adventurs and lessons learned, and the family legacy from which you have sprung — all are reasons to capture your life story.

Many of my ghostwriting projects are memoirs in which I act as a muse, scribe, and sometimes a detective as we explore ancestry and heritage. While some authors begin their books in their childhoods, others go back for decades or even centuries to their ancestors (as in an autobiography). This may be to honor 5X great-grandparents or establish when the first immigrants from your lineage voyaged to America.

The Family Within Your Memoir Matters Too

Yes, getting to know “your people” and the eras in which they lived can yield surprises and add color and context to your book. I have been so very honored to help authors find a new appreciation for their ancestors and a fair amount of surprises too. Finding long lost family might be the outcome, or learning about apprentices and trades in the Old Country, or even unraveling records and public data — all can become thrilling discoveries for your autobiography.

Ancestor Appreciation Day

What better way to show reverence and respect for you ancestors than to tell their stories. September 24 — Ancestor Appreciation Day — is a good time to start. Legacy books, often written for family libraries or historical archives, are another way to honor your ancestors, taking a deep dive into the lore and legend of past generations. I can help!

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