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Perhaps with the help of a love story editor, you can turn love notes into a novel. September 26 is Love Note Day, the perfect time to be thinking about “all things romance.”

Do you have a collection of missives that mark nostalgic times and settings? Do you have a chronology of milestone moments and special occasions? What if your notes could be morphed into plot and setting, with characters and dialogue spanning the beginning of a relationship to the current day? You could write the great American love story with a bit of imagination and brainstorming.

What Does a Love Story Editor Do?

Editors don’t just correct grammar and punctuation. We closely examine your story arc, the fantastical elements of your premise, the heart-tugging bonding, the heart-ripping chasms, and the chemistry shared between pairs. Love might be a “very splendid thing,” but it can also be complicated and messy — and editors can help authors capitalize on the chaos. We can also help soothe troubled waters, reconciling couples who belong together after all.

Rather than a saccharine-sweet, perfect union (unrealistic), consider the obstacles that can make the story more riveting. Authors want readers to root for the relationship, agonize over the hurdles, and bite their nails when the characters reach a precipice.


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