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Are you looking for Texas ghostwriting services? I have helped dozens of authors write their autobiographies, memoirs, legacy books, and historical fiction novels. After working in the world of words for more than 35 years, it’s an honor when author clients trust me with their journeys.

Whether you live in Texas, the U.S., Canada, Australia, or Europe, look no further! You probably have a gazillion questions about the process, cost, timeline, and deliverables, and below are some helpful links:

Texas Ghostwriting Services

Do you have a manuscript started? An outline? A premise? Is your life story centered around corporate adventures, entrepreneurialism, medicine, the military, farming, ranching, the clergy, missionary work, animal rescue, travels, genealogy, or something completely different?

I consult with you about your memories, journals, diaries, documents, photographs, and other aspects of your journey. Some authors share files on Dropbox. Some snail mail physical boxes to me so I can sort through and organize the material. My job includes researching publically available databases (when applicable), reviewing ancestral information, outlining the chronology, and finding gaps to fill through interviews with family, friends, and colleagues.

Uniquely You

Then, voila! We begin the narrative, written in your voice and from your perspective. The collaboration requires that I pick up the nuances of your speech and the manner in which your wordsmith sentences. I pay close attention to what makes your story unique and ensure the storytelling is precisely what you envision.

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I love to collaborate with authors and help their literary dreams come true. Email me at melaniesaxton@icloud.com, and let’s get started!