National Friends of Libraries Week — Write Your Novel!

write your novel
Write your novel! I can help!

October 16-22 is a great time to write your novel. National Friends of Libraries Week reminds emerging authors to finish their manuscripts. Don’t give up on your novel. If you persevere, your book can appear on Amazon and library shelves in your area and beyond.

It helps to seek a second independent set of eyes, and that’s where a writing professional enters the picture.

No More Procrastination — Write Your Novel Now!

Perhaps you have a great story idea but aren’t sure how to frame it within a novel. Perhaps you’ve started and stopped a gazillion times, writing and rewriting until the words are a blur. Maybe you’ve encountered a case of writer’s block.

Don’t feel like you’re alone. I’ve worked with many authors who have encountered these situations across many genres. I can step in as your editor or ghostwriter, and consult with you about your premise, direction, and goals for the book. Then voila! All of a sudden, the writing takes off, and your novel evolves. The chapters flow, and the characters come alive.

National Friends of Libraries Week

Lots of reading groups, writing groups, and volunteers gather at libraries during this celebratory week. They advocate for children’s reading resources, literacy initiatives, and reading resources. Book clubs, too, might join in. Club members visit various libraries to check out copies of a chosen title to read and discuss collectively the following month. Imagine if your book was among the offerings!

Let’s Connect

If you need help with your manuscript, look no further. I love collaborating with authors and helping their book projects come alive. I can help you across the finish line. If needed I can also help the search for a literary agent to pursue a traditional publishing deal, your query letters, your synopsis, or whatever is required for submission.

Or, if you prefer to self-publish, I can help write your back cover blurb and Amazon listing description, and point you to a book formatted and cover designer who can upload your manuscript to bookseller sites.

Email me and, and let’s get started!