It’s an Honor to Ghostwrite Your Book

Ghostwrite Your Book
Count on me to ghostwrite your book and make your dream of authorship a reality.

The most important thing I relay to author clients is, “It’s an honor to ghostwrite your book.” I’m entrusted to capture their life journeys before memories are lost to time. I’m often tasked to research ancestry records and publicly available records. Sometimes I interview the author’s business colleagues, military buddies, mentors, spiritual advisors, relatives, and even fans.

An Overview of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is a writing service provided by an anonymous consultant (me). I wordsmith your book based on the assets you provide (documents, journals, diaries, records, and your memories) and prepare it for publication. Again, you are credited as the author, and I am not mentioned unless the author credits me as editor.

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Do You Need Ghostwriting Expertise?

Do You Need Me to Ghostwrite Your Book?

Authors may have time restrictions, writer’s block, or even disabilities that prevent them from tackling a manuscript. Some may make inroads and then struggle to complete their books. Others are not writers and need a professional to develop the chronology, arc, flow, narrative, and essential literary elements within each chapter.

If this describes you, then contact me for a consultation. We’ll discuss the scope, timeline, deliverables, and your questions about the process. We’ll also cover cost and payments plan options that make the project feasible.

Types of Books

You may be interested in a memoir, autobiography, or legacy book. Perhaps you have a historical fiction novel in mind. Maybe you want to publish a thriller based on true life events or a nonfiction work about your service in the military or law enforcement. Many corporate leaders, innovators, inventors, trailblazers, and industry pioneers want to publish their breakthrough stories and adventures.

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