Dear Diary Day — Ghostwriting Your Autobiography

There is no better time to consult with me about ghostwriting your autobiography than on Dear Diary Day! September 22, 2022, is a day to celebrate the importance of diaries, but journals, family accounts, and genealogical entries provide an abundance of information for autobiographies and memoirs as well.

Why Diaries Are Crucial

When I ghostwrite an autobiography for an author, the foundation is usually built on some sort of written record. Although “as told to” accounts are also important, there’s nothing as reliable as reading firsthand notes written in real time that take us back through the years. Memories that would otherwise be vague, nuances of life events that would otherwise be lost to time, and even the distinct voice and writing styles of those far-away days can be invaluable in autobiographies.

Think of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, or the Hyde Park on Hudson movie based on the private journals and diary of FDR’s cousin Margaret “Daisy” Suckley. All are based on nonfictional true-life events captured for posterity, or fictional events written to feel like a slice of true life.

Ghostwriting Your Autobiography

Relying on diaries, journals, notes, family books, boxes of documents, recipes, microfiche, old newspaper articles, and public data are all part of the ghostwriting process. Below are some helpful articles that take you through the process:


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