A Ghostwriting Project

You probably have a gazillion questions about how a ghostwriting project begins. Don’t worry — I’ll guide you through the process.

So You Have a Great Story

It’s meaningful. It’s important. The world needs to hear it. But you aren’t sure how to write it. Perhaps you consider yourself the keeper of a story, but not the writer. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be an author.

Yes, you CAN become an author with the help of a ghostwriter. Over the years, I’ve ghostwritten dozens of books for clients in the United States and Canada. It’s gratifying and remarkable to put stories out into the universe that would otherwise remain untold.

Stories that Should be Told

Ghostwriting Project

You. Me. Ghostwriting.

As your ghostwriter, I collaborate with you in the writing of your book. I’m also a journalist, so I know how to get the heart of the matter. You and I will dig deep. We’ll work with your notes, your dreams, your journals, and your documents. You can record your thoughts and send me the tapes. We can Skype. We can use Dropbox and exchange files.

Yes, we’ll talk on the phone. A lot. I’ll gather everything I need to create the story from beginning to end. As each chapter is written, I’ll send it to you and incorporate your feedback. This ensures the book is written just the way you envision and resonates with your voice.

And we’ll email. A lot. The better I get to know you and your story, the more quickly and accurately I can piece it together. The goal is a beautiful story arc, and once the draft is written, we’ll go through it together and make sure it is precise as you wish. Then the final manuscript will go through a deep editing process — make that several rounds of deep editing — so that it is free of grammatical issues, misspellings, and sneaky little errors. Then the ghostwriting is complete, and your project is ready to launch.

Congratulations—you’re an author!

But… A Ghostwriting Project involves MORE than the Writing

Now the story that just had to be written is edited and ready for publication.

Do you want your book published through the traditional route? If so, you’ll have query letters to write and a lot of research to tackle on the websites of literary agents. I can help.

Or, do you want to self-publish? If so, you’ll likely need the services of a book formatter who will format your book to a 6 x 9 trim, design the cover, provide ISBN and bar code, and upload to Amazon and other bookseller sites. If you need help with book cover design, formatting, and self-publishing, I’ll refer you to this page for options.

It’s your story, and once you decide on publishing options, the world can enjoy it too.

Contact me for help with your ghostwriting project!

Ghostwriting is the perfect solution for getting your book written. As an expert ghostwriter, I create the book in your voice. Consult with me today!

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