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ghostwriting journalist
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As an English major with graduate coursework in digital media, I write books, edit books, and take magazine assignments at times. Take a look at one of my favorite articles published in American Cowboy, a national magazine.

You might wonder, “What’s a ghostwriting journalist?” I’m a prime example of a trained writer who has worked in various media disciplines and publishing industries (magazines, books, digital media).

For instance, I worked as a contributing editor for a suite of lifestyle magazines for eight years, served as editor in chief for two magazines for more than five years, and know a little something about interviewing notable people. This experience gives me a heightened range of competence in the world of words.

In short, your autobiography or memoir benefits from my background in both literature and journalism.

Ghostwriting Journalist Skill Sets

Speaking of interviewing, this particular skill set is vital when ghostwriting books. Many author clients ask me to interview family members, business associates, academics, clerics, thought leaders, and more for their memoirs and autobiographies. I extensively interview authors, as well, in order to pull the story from them — memories, chronology, details, etc. A journalism background certainly helps make these interviews go smoothly, but more importantly, draws out information that is crucial to the book.

I also have the gift of listening — another skill set honed over the years that greatly elevates an autobiography or memoir ghostwriting project. I listen to authors in order to write and edit in their “voice.” Thus, the scenarios in their manuscripts reflects their unique personalities and perspective. In other words, their books sound like them (not me).

Post-Writing Guidance

I specialize in new and emerging authors who are unfamiliar with the writing and publishing process. If hand-holding and guidance is needed, I’m your ghostwriter! It’s a pleasure and honor to share industry knowledge and tips on the post-writing steps to getting your book published, whether that’s traditional or self-publishing.

If self-publishing, you may need help finding a book designer who creates your cover, formats your autobiography, provides the ISBN and barcode, and uploads to bookseller sites like Amazon. I recommend SuburbanBuzz Publishing, but always get at least three bids as you explore self-publishing vendors and imprints. I can help with the back cover blurb and Amazon listing verbiage as well.

If you prefer the traditional publishing route, I can help point you to literary agents who are open to submissions in your genre. You might need assistance with query letters, book synopsis, or even a book proposal, which I can provide.

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