About Ghostwriting

About Ghostwriting
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I’ve had several inquiries recently about ghostwriting and what it involves. I point prospective authors to the pages and posts on my website, filled with a glorious amount of information!

I’m the ghostwriter… YOU are the author. It’s your story, and I’m the anonymous consultant who helps you tell it.

Authors have many questions about the ghostwriting process. They want to know the “how’s” and “why’s” of timeline, deliverables, collaboration, cost, and much more — especially authors who live across the nation and in other countries. Just how does a book get written across time zones and geographical distance?

More about Ghostwriting and Collaboration

It begins with an email. Most authors send me an email and fill me in on their project. Some are just starting, some have envisioned a manuscript for years, and some realize that time is short and want to capture their life’s story before it’s too late. Yes, there is something very gratifying about putting onto paper the milestones, memories, adventures, challenges, and achievements of a lifetime.

Others want to write about the journey of a loved one or relative and chronicle a history-making event, a life well lived, or lessons learned that became blessings in disguise. Business, military service, medical service, travel, sports prowess, life in the “good ol’ days” — all stories can be fascinating when written properly with intended audiences in mind.

Perhaps living with a rare disease, overcoming hardships, or facing adversaries is the topic. Some autobiographies involve loss, heartache, and spiritual journeys. Whatever your story, I can help you tell it.

Collaborating Across Time and Space

Back to the notion of ghostwriting a memoir for someone in a distant locale… this is actually the norm rather than the exception! I’m based in Texas and rarely meet authors in person because I ghostwrite autobiographies, memoirs, self-help books and more for authors all over the world. Whether you live in Europe, Canada or Wyoming, we have tools and technology that enable us to connect deeply and share information, details, nuances, and backstories.

For instance, in addition to email and phone calls, there’s Skype and FaceTime. Documents can be shared via Dropbox or other platforms. Sometimes authors “snail mail” me boxes of file copies, notes, news clippings, journals, diaries and other records.

From my end, I often help research, fact check, and solve mysteries via ancestry sites, public records, online searches, and even social media. It’s quite amazing, this quest for the unknown and the surprises in store! So much about ghostwriting involves new discoveries, once the surface is scratched.

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