Ghostwriting Professional — Highly Experienced

As an experienced ghostwriting professional, I’ve learned the knack of “listening.”

ghostwriting professional

For more than three decades, I’ve been listening to authors as they share their stories. These are generally great stories, never before told, and a gift to the world.

By listening to authors on the phone, on Facetime or Skype, in videos, and sometimes in person, I get a sense of their voice — and capture it. Yes, it’s vital to write and edit in your voice with your unique perspective and personality, honed stylistically in a manuscript.

The challenge, always, is to get your story on paper, (in print editions and ebooks too), in a way that draws in your audience.

What it Means to be a Highly Experienced Ghostwriting Professional

I’ve blogged numerous times on the ghostwriting process. So many have told me, “I can’t believe you’re able to do this! How in the world can you write someone’s memoirs for them?” My answer is always, “Skill, experience, and training.”

Yes, my University of Houston English degree helps, as has my graduate coursework in digital media. So has my background in journalism. It circles back to the skill of listening — gathering information, fact checking, and crafting a manuscript that is wholly yours — your adventures, your accomplishments, and your book.

The bottom line is, many authors have wonderful books percolating inside their heads, but aren’t sure how to share their story. Perhaps they aren’t writers. Perhaps they don’t have the time. Perhaps they have procrastinated for years, and finally decide to hire a ghostwriting professional.

I serve as an anonymous team member who compiles your book precisely as you envision — and the book is published under your name, not mine. I’m not mentioned at all, except, perhaps, as an editor (especially if I interview people on your behalf and have to introduce myself with a title). Sometimes research is required, such as looking into dates and timeline, ancestry, vital records, and interviews with family members and corporate players, etc.

In this collaborative manner, your story can be published and shared with family, target audiences, or even globally.

Getting Started

For those who aren’t sure how to get started, see the links below.

There are many additional pages and posts — feel free to go through my website and absorb as much information as you like. Also, contact me with your questions!