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ghostwriter project

A ghostwriter project isn’t exclusive to large autobiographies or a series of fiction thrillers.

Ghostwriting can also weave blog posts and white papers into a business book, with the addition of fresh content and trending research. Your book then becomes a marketing tool that helps a message reach the masses. Perhaps even more importantly, it establishes your subject-matter expertise and lends credibility to your company name.

Ghostwriter Project — Collaboration and More!

As the subject-matter expert, you have the stats and data necessary for the book. But you might struggle with the heart and soul of the narrative. How will it touch lives? Impact the world? Lead to more research? And after the writing, what about the editing? That’s where a professional wordsmith comes in.

A fresh set of eyes can jump start your ghostwriter project. When a writer becomes excited about a concept, believe me, the mind overflows with ideas… especially if the writer has been trained in ad copy, marketing strategies, social footprint, etc. There is a rhyme and reason to these efforts. Their is an industry formula (ever evolving) for the successful launching of books.

I am my own subject-matter expert in messaging, by the way. As a ghostwriter, I convey communication to target audiences and feed the excitement. Much of this expertise was gained in my graduate coursework in digital media. The best type of ghostwriter knows how to blend facts with feelings to resonate with the audience in real time, during the challenges we face as business owners and also as a society and nation.

Business Books

If authors want their messages to resonate at this moment in history, now’s the time for a ghostwriter project! Business books can run the gamut.

  • General nonfiction
  • Historic nonfiction
  • Corporate biographies
  • Founder autobiographies
  • CEO memoirs
  • Inventions
  • Current Affairs
  • Cultural / Social
  • Political
  • Government
  • Medical
  • Economics
  • Product evolution
  • General manuals
  • How To’s

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