Ghostwriting Help

ghostwriting help
Melanie Saxton, ghostwriter

Do you need ghostwriting help for your novel, biography, legacy book, memoir, or children’s book? I’m an experienced ghostwriter and have helped many dozens of authors bring their manuscripts to life over the last 35+ years.

I love to collaborate, research, brainstorm, organize, outline, and grow stories into full-blown manuscripts. If your project is nonfiction, there’s nothing more fulfilling than capturing a life’s journey. If your project is fiction, crafting a novel is one of the merriest adventures in literature!

Nonfiction Ghostwriting Help

Often authors have remarkable life stories and need help getting the arc, chronology, facts, and narrative in shape. Photographs may be involved as well as military records, immigration records, ancestry records, and other public records. My job is to lay out the facts but also memorialize the unique journey.

Perhaps an empire-building tale is involved, or a corporate overview. Maybe a medical or psychiatric career is a focus with plenty of firsthand anecdotes. Maybe law enforcement or military service is the book’s premise, with true-life accounts of close calls and lives saved. Alternately, perhaps you wish to chronicle a career in the NFL, NBA, or MLB. I’m here to help!

Fiction Ghostwriting

Some authors have been working on fiction novels for years. I’ve had several recent projects in which the time is right, and the authors are ready to complete their books. Some have outlines in place, partially-written manuscripts, or are in need of a total rewrite. Others have an idea and rely on me to take it to fruition. I specialize in the imaginative use of words and the craft of creative writing.

What Can I Write For You?

Contact me, and let’s find out! We can discuss the ghostwriting steps, and I welcome your questions about timelines, deliverables, cost, and process. See this link for more information about what ghostwriting is.