Self-Improvement Month — Book Writing Discipline

September is Self-Improvement Month and an excellent time to focus on your book writing discipline. Yes, there’s no better time to tackle your book project. Whether you are shoulder-deep in a manuscript or contemplating a story arc, why not jump in and power through the writing?

After all, in a few months, it will be the dawn of a new year. Rather than adding your unfinished book to another New Year’s resolution list, there is no better time to bring it to fruition.

Self-improvement can include self-care as well as aspiration. Reaching deep inside and achieving a goal can be so rewarding. Self-improvement may also mean abandoning bad habits like procrastination and “feeling stuck.”

Book Writing Discipline — I Can Help!

Check out this blog post for ideas on conquering writer’s block. If you need a boost, a nudge, or mentorship, I’m available. Sometimes, discussing your manuscript with an impartial book editor or ghostwriter can help you refocus and refresh your efforts to become a published author.

Yes, discipline is crucial. Hanging in there, brainstorming, and writing every single day is the way forward. A professional collaboration can provide tips that defeat writer’s block and brainstorming sessions to carry your manuscript over the goal line.

More Thoughts

Consider joining a local or national writer’s group. Authors Guild is a fantastic organization, as is Authors Alliance. Also, think about the tasks that will unfold once your book is ready for editing. Marketing is something to take into account because no one can buy your book if they don’t know it exists! Think about creating free social media accounts now (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and add little snippets and teasers from your book to entice and build an audience.

Let’s Connect!

I love to collaborate with authors. We’ll discuss your book premise and genre, outline, story arc, characterization, dialogue, fact-checking, timeline, deliverables, and more!

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