National Punctuation Day — Find Your Editor

September 24, 2022, is National Punctuation Day and the perfect prompt to find your editor! English teachers, journalists, editors, and ghostwriters value this day because it’s a celebration of proper English standards, punctuation rules, and the “marks” that help readers make sense of your book. From quotation marks to question marks to periods, commas, and apostrophes, an experienced editor helps ensure the quality and authority of your writing.

When articles, publications, and books are well written, it provides a great reading experience for audiences and reflects well on the writer. Are you contemplating a book or in the middle of writing one? Find your editor and take your manuscript through the metaphoric goal posts! There is no substitute for a second pair of eyes — impartial and professional and wholly focused on your success.

Find Your Editor HERE!

I would love to collaborate on your book writing project. As a punctuation pro and wordsmith, I attend to sneaky little errors and broader issues as well. I’ve worked in the world of words for more than 35 years, ghostwritten 25+ books, written and edited more manuscripts than I can count, and work full-time in the literary realm.

It’s a field I love and have devoted my life to, which means “work” doesn’t feel like work at all! It’s a true honor to collaborate with wonderful authors, be it first-time, emerging, or established. Take a look at my testimonials and enjoy the feedback. You are in good hands as we collaborate.

Let’s Connect

You can reach me from my contact page or simply email We can discuss your premise, story arc, editing timeline and deliverables, cost, and any other questions you might have. Count on me to provide independent, unbiased, and gentle feedback as I surveil your manuscript for issues.

My goal is to elevate your work to the highest level as we work together on your masterpiece.