Collaborate with a Copywriter


Let’s face it — most businesses need a copywriter.

Not everyone is born to be a mathematician or astronaut. Not everyone has the skillsets to be a plumber, an electrician, or a welder. And certainly, not everyone is a wordsmith.

That’s where I come in. Writing and editing are my calling. My degrees and training revolve around content creation — whether for websites, media platforms, white papers, books, or magazines.

Copywriter — Muse, Scribe, Brainstormer

Copywriters are specialists. And yes, my copywriting background can help authors as a book editor and ghostwriter. Why? If an author client self-publishes, I assist with back cover blurbs and Amazon listing descriptions — which should be keyword rich and compelling. The listing description is crucial when you consider that Amazon is basically its own search engine.

Sometimes authors hire me to manage their social media. This, too, can involve copywriting. The posts should be exciting and (hopefully) interactive, which clever and inspirational messaging. They should make viewers want to DO something, usually by clicking on a button that takes them to a website, blog, or Amazon page.

Copywriting can be collaborative. Sometimes business owners have a list of ideas they want to get across to a target audience. The copywriter envisions and crafts and launches these concepts into the digital world.

Graduate Coursework

My graduate studies were in digital media. I’m still shy a couple of classes and a thesis to earn the degree, but the bulk of the coursework is under my belt and has had a significant return on investment. Studying marketing and advertising, digital media law and ethics, and even scriptwriting has elevated my service offerings.

Do you need a copywriter? Look no further! I’m happy to discuss your project, answer your questions, and chase the lightbulb moments.

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If you have a business or organization and want to impact consumers, I’m here to help.

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