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Do you need help writing or refreshing your resume? How about your author bio or company bio? There’s more than resume writing and bios than meets the eye. Here’s why.

Resume Writing with HR Technology in Mind

Resume writing should be nuanced. After all, your resume is not a blanket statement. It can and should be targeted to each employer. Yes, that’s a lot of work, but those employers likely use algorithms and software to search for keywords in your resume that align with each job posting.

If you send in a one-size-fits-all resume, it may end up in the HR trash bin because your “experience” was not worded to match the requirements…even if you could do the job with your eyes shut and your hands tied behind your back! If your resume is too long, that might also be an issue. Ideal resumes are one-pagers, or perhaps two pages long. Yes, you CAN fit a life’s worth of employment on one or two pages if the writing is concise and laser-focused. Each word should be maximized. After all, you want to intrigue your potential employer and compel them to schedule an interview to learn more about you.

In other words, your resume should be customized according to each and every job you seek. Certainly your basic skill sets remain the same, but your wording should reflect and compliment the wording posted in the job description. You can do this in the Introduction or Employment Objectives section, as well as under each job responsibility you’ve had.

I hear time and again, “I’m not getting interviews, even though I’m qualified,” and “I’m not getting job offers, even though I have the education and experience employers want.” Well, does your resume “match” the keywords in the job posting? Have you bothered to tweak your resume each and every time your inquire about a job? If this seems overwhelming or confusing, I can help.


You may want a short and sweet description of your work as an author, or you may want an overview of all your talents and achievements. Your biography can be conversational or formal. It can include personal details such as family life and hobbies, or simply focus on your enterprises, education, and accomplishments. I’ve tailored many biographies to fit each situation, and that’s the key — writing an appropriate biography that achieves the goals you have in publishing it.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Like a resume, CVs provide a summary of your skills and experience but are generally longer than resumes – at least two or three pages, or even more expansive. CVs are useful when detailing your academic accomplishments, teaching background, published articles, presentations, etc. They are also useful when compiling your specialized technical experience.

CVs are typically sent in when you respond to technical and academic job postings, so once again, attend to the keywords on the job posting. This will help you survive the HR filter and (hopefully) get a bite!

Please contact me for help with your resume writing project, biography, or curriculum vitae. And while you’re at it, check out all my services. I’m happy to help!

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